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Learning Topics for Summer Term  2022


This term we are exploring life cycles. We will look at the similarities and differences between living things whilst learning new vocabulary, new concepts and new facts. Even the teachers learn something new every time we teach this subject. Did you know that the group of eggs that a chicken sits on is called a 'clutch'?!

Week 1 - Chickens

Week 2 - Frogs

Week 3 - Butterflies

Week 4 - Bees

Week 5 - Beans

Learning Topics for Spring Term 2 2022

Our learning this term will be based around the prolific creative talent of Julia Donaldson! We will be using her books to look at character, settings, events, illustration, vocabulary development, rhyme and rhythm and alliteration to name but a few!

We will also branch off into some of Julia's settings so when we read 'The Gruffalo' for example we will have a look at woodland habitats and when reading 'The Snail and the Whale' we will explore the world of snails.

Please see our newsletters to see a more detailed breakdown of what we are learning every week.

Learning Topics for Spring Term 1 2022


Week 1 - Winter

Week 2 - Arctic & Antarctic Animals

Week 3 - Living in the Arctic/Antarctic

Week 4 - Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Week 5 - People who help us - Police and Firemen

Week 6 - People who help us - Doctors and Nurses

Week 7 - The Mr Men and Little Miss Books

Learning Topics for Autumn Term 2 2021


Week 1 - Road safety awareness week

Week 2 - Space

Week 3 - Music

Week 4 - Dinosaurs

Week 5 - Christmas

Week 6 - Christmas

Week 7 - Christmas

Learning Topics for Autumn Term 1 2021


Our learning this term will be based loosely around the following topics:


Week 1 - All about me - starting school/feelings/friends and rules!

Week 2 - All about me - Families

Week 3 - All about me - Our healthy bodies

Week 4 - All about me - Homes around the world

Week 5 - All about me - Looking after animals (pets)

Week 6 - Autumn

Week 7 - Autumn/Harvest

Week 8 - Going on a bear hunt

Think Equal Programme


Dear Parent/s and/or Guardians,


Information about our new Think Equal lessons


I am delighted to be writing to you about some lovely new lessons we will be teaching called the Think Equal Curriculum. The lessons are being taught in classrooms around the world with the aim of giving children a foundation in social and emotional intelligence and skills.


Social and emotional learning helps children to learn the skills to build a strong foundation for success for the rest of their lives. Children learn, for example, to:


  • Manage their own emotions and impulsive behaviours
  • Build their confidence and self esteem
  • Have empathy and show consideration for others
  • Solve problems effectively and learn to resolve conflicts peacefully
  • Build critical thinking skills and make responsible decisions
  • Maintain healthy relationships and learn to collaborate


I wanted to tell you a little bit about the lessons so that you can support your children when they tell you about the characters they will meet in the stories and about the activities they will take part in. We will also from time to time send home some activities that you and your child can enjoy together.


The lessons will run every day for a number of our older children for around 10 minutes. Each lesson focuses on an element of social emotional learning using a variety of learning tools including beautiful narrative books, discussion, artwork, songs, games and role-play.


Think Equal has been created by visionary experts and leaders in education, gender equality, human rights, and psychology, and we are very proud to be offering this fabulous learning for the children at Westborough.



Learning Topics for Summer Term 2 2021


Week 1 - Castles and Knights

Week 2 - Dinosaurs and Dragons

Week 3 - Wild Animals

Week 4 - Wild Animals

Week 5 - Under the Sea

Week 6 - Under the Sea

Week 7 - Holidays

At Westborough our children belong to a particular group for our circle times. These groups roughly correspond to the children's ages:-

  1. The caterpillar group for our 2 year olds.
  2. The cocoon group for our 3 year olds.
  3. The butterfly group for our 4 year olds.

In some cases the the age bands are a little bit flexible according to the stage of the child's development.

These environments have been created to give the children a small group to belong to with a teaching input designed to meet their age and stage of development.


  • Opening Hours
  • Monday - Friday term time only: 9am - 12pm
  • Breakfast Club: 8.30am - 9am
  • Lunch Club: 12pm - 12.30pm