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New Children's Mentor

Children's Mentor

We , at Westborough, are in the process of training up a Children's Mentor. This job role will fit in well with our emphasis on social and emotional wellbeing and the importance that we place on listening to the voice of the child. The key role of the Mentor will be:-


  • To work with staff, external professionals, parents and carers plus the child to identify and understand the internal barriers to learning that he or she has.
  • To help the child overcome their barriers and make progress in order to prepare them for future life.
  • To be focused on the child.
  • To coach and mentor the child to achieve to their best potential.
  • To recognise when to get professionals involved.
  • To act as an advocate for the child.
  • To plan and deliver individual and group interventions.


We will let you know when our mentor is fully qualified.

  • Opening Hours
  • Monday - Friday term time only: 9am - 12pm
  • Breakfast Club: 8.30am - 9am
  • Lunch Club: 12pm - 12.30pm